Black Women’s Forum

On the 4th of March 2012, some of the women from the NUS Black Students’ Committee decided to host the Black Women’s Conference 2012 at University London Union which included workshops and plenaries. As well as the black women activists and artists who participated in the panel discussions, Black men and women from diverse age groups and regions in the UK were invited. The day was such a success that we were inspired to create a website with the intention of continuing the discussions, debates and most importantly strengthening the unity amongst Black women.

These spaces allow a different form of empowerment, particularly for women because not only do we face issues with sexism, patriarchy, misogyny, but questions of race are just as paramount in the complex discourse. Borrowing from Audre Lourde, ‘at times, the myth of sameness can actually be the thing which destroys us.’ For this reason, we recognise the need and importance of Black self organisation.

Finally, the website offers numerous informative links which we hope will motivate young black people to discover or deepen their knowledge of Black women’s contributions throughout history. Alongside the many inspiring black men who have contributed in the struggle for freedom and equality; Malcolm X, Fanon, Rodney, it is necessary to pass on knowledge of Olive Morris, Leila Khaled, and Spivak to name a few…

In unity

Malia, Beverly, Mma, Leah & JJ

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